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Training: Social Media management

Training: Social Media management

Training Offered by:

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Opus Lab

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siwar gharbi

siwar gharbi


Training: Social Media management

Training Title: Social Media management

Language: French - Arabic

Level: (Beginner)

Duration: 15 hours

Starting Finishing Date/Time: 22/05/2024 - 20/06/2024 19h to 22h

Trainer's short bio:

Gharbi Siwar - Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder Opus Lab.

Skills and Level required to participate in the training: Microsoft Office - des connaissances de base en paramétrage de pages sur les réseaux sociaux

Skills acquired by this trainig:

  • Création de contenu sur chaque réseau social
  • Création d’une ligne éditoriale.
  • Gestion des plateformes ( Facebook, instagram, linkedin, tiktok ).
  • Les publicités sur méta
  • Detailed outline of the training:

    22 May - 20 Jun

    1- Understanding the utility of E-Branding (2.5 hours):

    • How e-branding differs from traditional branding.
    • Brand identity creation.
    • The importance of consistency and uniqueness in online brand building.
    • Understanding different elements of visual identity.

    2- Introduction to Social Media (2.5 hours):

    • Understanding social networks and exploring main platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).
    • Learning to identify commercial and communication objectives achievable through social media.
    • Understanding editorial line and aligning content creation on social networks with company objectives.

    3- Content Management and Planning (2.5 hours):

    • Presentation of social media management tools to plan, publish, and analyze content, with case studies on effective tool utilization.
    • Understanding tailored content creation and algorithms of each platform.

    4- Performance Measurement (2.5 hours):

    • Definition and tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate content effectiveness.
    • Presentation of social media analytics tools (reporting) to measure performance indicators.

    5- Meta Advertising (2.5 hours):

    • Understanding the meta business manager and its functioning.
    • Understanding advertising objectives and budgeting strategy.
    • Practical case: creating a campaign with a specific objective.

    6- Optimization of Advertising Campaigns (2.5 hours):

    • Learning to monitor and adjust campaigns based on real-time performance.
    • Learning A/B testing to optimize campaign elements.
    • Understanding interpretation of performance data.


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