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WORKSHOP: Introduction to Ionic Framework (Intermediate level)

WORKSHOP: Introduction to Ionic Framework (Intermediate level)

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Yasmine Daghfous

Yasmine Daghfous





WORKSHOP: Introduction to Ionic Framework (Intermediate level)

A workshop that revolves around ionic fundamentals, components, plugins and how easy it is to build an app in record time.

  • Duration  3 hours
  • Language  Arabic and English
  • Level Level 2 (Intermediate)

Skills and Level required to participate in the workshop

  • Basic Programming (JavaScript, HTML, CSS): Recommended.
  • Introductory Mobile App Experience: Beneficial.
  • Foundational Front-End Knowledge: Helpful.

The workshop caters to a range of experience levels, from newcomers to those with foundational app development understanding.

Skills acquired by this workshop:

Angular, Ionic, Capacitor, Css, Html, basics of Android, Typescript.

  • Live session

    Wed, 08 Nov 2023 18:00:00 +0000 - Wed, 08 Nov 2023 21:00:00 +0000

    Detailed outline of the workshop

    A- Brief Overview of Ionic 

    1. Define Ionic and its role in app development.
    2. Discuss the advantages of cross-platform development.

    B- Setting Up the Development Environment

    1. Installation of Node.js and npm. 
    2. Installation of Ionic CLI.

    C- Creating Your First Ionic App 

    1. Use Ionic CLI to create a new project.
    2. Discuss project structure. 

    D- Introduction to Ionic UI Components 

    1. Discuss Ionic's pre-designed UI elements. 
    2. Explore common UI components like buttons, forms, and cards.

    E- Ionic fundamentals

    1.  Learn how to create navigation in an Ionic app.
    2. Debugging Ionic Apps 
    3. Troubleshooting common issues.
    4. Testing Your Ionic App


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