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Marketing Intern


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Marketing Intern
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🎥 Video Pitch is mandatory  

Are you a passionate, digital-native who breathes creativity? Wanna ride the SaaS wave with us? Dive right in! We’re scouting for the next big thing in marketing for Cynoia, THE HUB for team collabs! 🚀

🎯 Position: Marketing Intern/Part-Time Maestro
📍    Realm: B2B SaaS

🤖 What’s Cynoia? We're not just another app! Cynoia is where teams unite, ideas explode, and businesses prosper. It’s the future of team communication & collaboration. 🤝💡

🧗🏻‍♀️ What’s in for You?
  • Autonomy Alert! 🚫🤖 - Be your own captain, steer your ship!
  • Projects Galore - No fetching coffees here. Real work, real impact. 🎯
  • Mentor Magic - Rub shoulders with marketing wizards and gain some spellbinding tips. 🧙‍♂️
  • Level Up 📚 - Access to cool trainings, courses, and certs. Keep that brain buffed!
  • Growth Hacking Heaven - Challenge? Opportunity? We got both in spades. 🌱➡️🌳

👾 Your Day-to-Day:
  • Craft 🎨 and implement out-of-the-galaxy marketing strategies.
  • Analyze data 📊 and feedback 🗣️. Iterate. Dominate.
  • Attend huddles with the marketing league and sprinkle your GEN Z magic.
  • Play with tools, platforms, and the likes. And no, we don’t mean Snapchat. Well, maybe? 😉

🔍 What We Seek:
  • Born in the digital world, fluent in memes and emojis.
  • An insatiable hunger for challenges. 🍔🔥
  • An innovative mindset - if it’s been done, you’re over it.
  • A flair for words, visuals, and everything in-between.
  • The guts to try, fail, learn, repeat. 🔄

🎁 Brownie Points:
  • Got a portfolio? Slide into our DMs! 📁✨
  • Growth hacking tales? We’re all ears! 🚀
  • Previous experience in SaaS? That’s the cherry on top! 🍒

If you read this and felt, “It’s so me! 😍”, then don’t wait. This ain’t your regular gig. It’s a universe of opportunities. 🌌

Cynoia Team 👋



, Tunis
Rue du Lac Malaren
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988 EUR
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1700 EUR
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